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We would like to thank all of our artists who participated in this STUNNING exhibit! Do yourself a favor and go see this in person when you get a chance!! Congratulations to ALL of our award-winners!

Our Juror for this year’s All Our Best Annual Exhibit was Bob Burnett, who has many and varied experiences in leadership within the arts, including being the past president of the Hoosier Salon, and he wrote a few statements for the first place finishers that are shared below.

General Statement

I want to thank each of the artists participating in the Hamilton County Artists Association for their participation in this exhibition and for continuing to produce new work during these challenging times. The visual arts are an essential part of keeping us grounded and hopeful even when there is no obvious light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Keep creating! Keep challenging yourself!

-Bob Burnett


First Place – A Fire to Be Kindled by Stephanie Spay

Technically this is a remarkable work.The composition of the painting is very strong and the use of a central figure makes the piece easily accessible for the viewer to relate to what is happening in front of them. The manipulation of the paint to accurately depict the different textures in the painting reflects the proficiency of the artist.


First Place – Starlight Chickens by Linda Tyler

This is a strong composition. Technically outstanding. The incredible detail reflects the sure hand and eyes of the artist.

Mixed Media

First Place – Fall Creek Jewels by Janice Wiley

This is incredibly controlled and technically outstanding. It is a very good composition - the use of floating leaves to move the eye over the surface of the paper. Subtle use of color.


First Place – Lobsterboat Dinghies by Michael Jack

Exceptional composition - the artist has a very good eye to read what is seen. This piece has strong movement. And the color and contrast are really first rate.


First Place – Under the Sea by Cathy Ewald

The manipulation of metal to create a strong statement piece that is almost weightless.

This piece is technically strong and catches light effectively.

Best in Show

A Fire to Be Kindled by Stephanie Spay

In addition to the comments provided for First Place Oil/Acrylic, from my perspective, there is not another piece in the show that has the technical range and the ability to tell us a "story." It is compelling and beautiful.

To view the rest of the award-winners and all of the pieces submitted for online viewing, please click HERE.

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