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Come paint en Plein Air! Artists will sign in and get stamped 7:30-9:30am; we'll have coffee and pastries to start. Paint around town until 2:30pm.​ Wet painting sale at the HCAA gallery takes place 2:30-4:00pm, all sales are directly to the artists. There will be pizza and soft drinks for all participating artists. 


The cost to participate is $20.00 per artist to be paid at time of check-in and stamping, eligibility for Wet Paintings Sale, Purchase Awards and Artist Designated Spaces (first come basis, 8 available). Area designated for Paintout, only stamped paintings are eligible for the Wet Paintings Sale, please do not bring other works to the sale. All sales are direct to the artist. Should a “sale” need to be processed by the HCAA, sales tax will be added, and a 50% commission will be deducted from the sale amount. Artists may sell off the easel, but any paintings presold are ineligible for Purchase Awards. Purchase Award Patrons or their representatives will be on hand to make selections at 2:30 pm and will be expected to make payment to the artists at that time. PLEASE DO NOT HAGGLE OR BARGAIN WITH THE ARTISTS, until after the Purchase Awards are complete. If the piece selected is priced less than the Purchase Award, the Artist is entitled to the full amount of the award offered; should the piece selected be priced above the award amount the Parton is expected to pay the balance above the award. This is a rain or shine event, should the weather be inclement, the Wet Paintings Sale and Purchase
Awards will be held inside the HCAA Art Center and Gallery.

Special thanks the The Indiana Peony Festival, Nickelplate Arts and the City of Noblesville.

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