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Painting Foundations: Design, value and color studies

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Class Dates

May 11

Painting Foundations: Design, value and color studies


Roy Boswell

Born in 1985, Roy Boswell was raised on a family farm in southeastern Indiana. At an early age he took interest in art and architecture and went on to study landscape architecture and design at Purdue University. It wasn’t until after graduating that he took up fine art. Currently Roy paints in Oil and Acrylic, working in plein air, but also from field studies in the studio. Storytelling is a large part of his process, creating love filled letters about the Midwestern farm. He also works digitally doing illustration.

About the Class

How might your Artwork transform if you could break free from the constraints of struggling with your reference material and unlock the potential of your creativity through design, value, and color studies?

Say goodbye to limitations imposed by the landscape, and say hello to the freedom of expressing your creativity without constraints. Get ready to explore the art of creating studies that allow you to manipulate and invent scenarios in your paintings. I will guide you through the process of swiftly generating multiple iterations of your reference material, transforming them into captivating studies.

Take the next step in your artistic journey and bring your unique vision to life on the canvas. Let me join you on the journey to express your story through the vibrant language of paint. I can't wait to see you thrive and support you in unlocking your creative potential.

Supply List

This URL link has the materials you will need but check and see if you already have something equivalent. There is no need to have the exact brands or sizes.

If you have any questions, you can email me at

Sketch Materials:

Pencil 4 or 6b


Two different mid value grey markers

Sketch pad or book

Painting materials:

Two bristle brushes Flat size 4 and 2

Two synthetic brushes (softer) Flat size 4 and 2

Oil Paints: Yellow, red, and blue with a warm and cool of each


Titanium White: Large tube

You can use the Van Gogh paints from the wishlist or what you already have, but please don’t buy expensive paint

Palette (you can buy disposable paper palette if you don’t have one already)

5: 12x16 canvas panels

Galkyd Medium 4.2 oz bottle

Gamblin Odorless Mineral Spirits 4.2 Oz

Something to store the mineral spirits in (I will bring small cups for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a large container)

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