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Brave Brush: Painting with Confidence and Joy

Class Price


Class Dates

June 20-22

Brave Brush: Painting with Confidence and Joy


Jessica Green

Jessica Green is a professional artist and art educator who works out of her home studio on the northeast side of Indianapolis, where she lives with her husband Wes and three wonderful children. She graduated from Taylor University in 2004 with a degree in Art Education and also holds a Master's degree in education. Jessica sells her work at local art fairs and also works with interior designers in the area by creating custom paintings for their clients.

To see more of Jessica’s work, look up @JessicaGreenArtwork on Facebook or Instagram. Or keep tabs on what she’s up to by signing up for her newsletter through her website:

About the Class

The focus of this workshop is to develop a strategic game plan for creating successful and beautiful paintings. We’ll discuss fundamental concepts such as composition, value, and color mixing. I’ll be modeling my own painting process from beginning to end several times throughout the workshop. Students will be working from photo references (provided) and will be painting on small panels. (6x6”, 5x7”, 8x8”) Painting on small surfaces will allow each attendee to work through the entire painting process multiple times. By the end of the workshop, each attendee will feel equipped and ready to continue their painting journey for the weeks and years ahead! Handouts with important class content as well as visual reference sheets will be provided for each attendee. **New reference materials are added each summer! Previous years’ attendees are welcome to return, there are always new things to learn!

Having a systematic approach to painting doesn’t steal the joy from the process as some might assume. The truth is…having a clear path and sequential process frees up a painter to fully enjoy the fun aspects such as expressive brushwork! Discover the joy of painting and gain new confidence by employing a painting game plan! Can’t wait to paint with you this June! LUNCH IS PROVIDED both Thursday and Friday!!

Supply List


You can bring traditional oil paints or water-soluble oil paints.

Suggested Colors:
Titanium white, Cadmium yellow light, cadmium red medium, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber

You can buy these paint colors a la cart. I love the Utrecht brand from The most economical choice would be to purchase the “Blick Studio Oil Colors - Basic Set of 12 Tubes’ or a similar set. If you already have paint tubes at home, but not what I have listed specifically, that’s fine! You can bring what you have and we can work with it!

6x6” gessoboards (1 pack of 4)
8x8” canvas panels (1 pack of 5)
Gamsol odorless mineral spirits (for traditional oil paints, water jar needed for water-soluble oils/acrylic)
Jar to hold Gamsol (you can also just use an old salsa or jelly jar with a tight-fitting lid instead of buying one)
Palette paper
Silver Brush Bristlon Stiff White Synthetic Brush - Filbert, Size 3
Silver Brush Bristlon Stiff White Synthetic Brush - Flat, Size 6
Silver Brush Bristlon Stiff White Synthetic Brush - Flat, Size 4
**Roll of Paper Towels (I like the blue, construction-grade paper towels, buy at Lowes or Home Depot or you can bring regular white paper towels.)

The following supplies will be provided: (However you might like to order these items to have as you continue to paint after the workshop.)
Linseed Oil
Black Sharpie
White colored pencil (Prismacolor brand)
5x7” canvas boards
Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Toned Sketch Journal or KraftPaper Post-Its (Amazon)

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