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Annual Exhibit 2021

The HCAA had work showing at the Cool Creek Park Nature Center in Carmel for a week in August. We are so thankful to everyone who came out to support our artists! Below are the winners for the People's Choice Award. We had lots of ballots submitted, and over 15 of our artists had pieces that received votes. But our winner had just one more vote than the other six runners up (who all tied for second), so we decided to celebrate each of them! Just click the images below to see them better.

A Walk in the Park
by Mark Rouse

Watching and Waiting
by Lesley Haflich

Bubbling Spring
by Melinda Hamilton

Little Wren
by Leslie Ober

Majestic Mountain
by Karen Fehr

Who Invited You?
by Sue Payne

Purple Haze
by Laura Marenco


2021 Annual Exhibit People's Choice Awards

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