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Painting From Life with Max Ginsburg

Class Price


Class Dates

October 3-5

Painting From Life with Max Ginsburg


Max Ginsburg

Max Ginsburg has taught drawing and painting at the High School of Art & Design (1960–1982), the School of Visual Arts (1984–2000), and The Art Students League (1997–2000, 2008–present). He has exhibited widely in commercial galleries but has recently sought public venues to reach a wider audience with his message to promote realism in form and content. Recent solo shows were held at the Butler Institute of American Art (Youngstown, OH, 2011), the Salmagundi Club (New York, NY, 2011), and the Martin Luther King Labor Center (New York, NY, 2008). His War Pieta, Bus Stop, and Foreclosure were included in a group show touring six museums in China (2012, 2013).

In 2016, Mr. Ginsburg had a retrospective exhibition in the High Line Gallery Loft in Chelsea, and in the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts in San Antonio, Texas. In 2017, he was invited to FACE (Figurative Art Convention & Expo), where he gave a demonstration on painting from life and a powerpoint presentation of his paintings (1956–2017).

Among his many awards are the Grand Prize at the Portrait Society of America Painting Competition, 2015; the California Art Club’s Presidents Gold Medal for the Advancement of Traditional Fine Art, 2013; the Best in Show at the Art Renewal Center online competition, 2011; the Phillip Desind Award at the Butler Institute Midyear Exhibition, 2008; the Collectors Prize at the Butler Institute Midyear Exhibition, 2007; Best in Show at the Salmagundi, Non-Members, 2006; Purchase Prize at the Art Renewal Center, 2005; the Christopher’s Award, 1991; and the Gold Medal at the Society of Illustrators, 1984. From 1980 to 2004; "Gold Medal" from the Portrait Society of America in 2020, for my life's work; "Love Award" from the Allied Artists of America in 2023 for "Foreclosure". Mr. Ginsburg was one of the leading illustrators in America. For more information, visit

Mr. Ginsburg attended the High School of Music & Art, Syracuse University (B.F.A.) and City College of New York (M.A.). However, his skill and artistry as a realist were not taught in the schools he attended but were learned from his father, Abraham Ginsburg, a portrait painter.

About the Class

In this 3 Day "Painting from Life" Workshop we will paint Alla Prima (direct painting).
Day 1................Head Studies
Day 2................Figure Studies
Day 3................Figure Composition

Our objective will be to capture the character, form and expression of the model posing. We will "paint what we see, not what we know", (Charles Hawthorne), to discover the reality of form and not repeat formulas. We will carefully observe the model with respect to the relationship of shapes, proportions, values, perspective, color and forms that we actually see.

The instructor will demonstrate and discuss the painting procedure at the beginning of each day's session and also discuss the use and care of materials (brushes, solvents, paints, etc.) After the instructor's demonstration the students will paint the model for most of the day and the instructor will personally critique each student's painting during each of the three days of the workshop.

The instructor will give a Lecture and Slide Show of his paintings and many Old Masters works on the evening of Day 1 as it relates to the painting in the workshop and as it relates to realism in art. You can find more information about Max at or

Supply List

Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Lt.
Alizarin Crimson
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Green Pale., (Winsor Newton brand)
Cinnabar Green Medium (Rembrandt brand)
Cerulean Blue
UltraMarine Blue
Mars Black

Raphael - Paris, (Type #3572 Bristle Filbert) Size #4, #6, #8 I have
these Raphael - Paris brushes at a discount price in my studio
Escoda Clasico (Cerda Blanca) Sizes #4 & #6
Silver Brush Renaissance (Type #7110) Red Sable #1, #2

Linseed Oil
Turpenoid or Gamsol

Hardwood Panel, gessoed and Toned)
OR Stretched smooth Canvas, Primed & Toned)
Two 9"x12" panels or canvases
One 12”x16” panel or canvas
One14"x18" panel or canvas

-Two metal cups with caps (for turpenoid and linseed oil)
-Palette Knife
Murphy’s Oil for cleaning brushes
-Rags and Paper Towels
-A French Easel with legs with a wooden or plastic palette,
Or a regular 12”x16” paint box with a traditional 12”x16” wooden or plastic pallet

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