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Member Spotlight Monday

Member Spotlight with JOANNE ROEDER

Briefly tell us about yourself: your family, education, work background, etc.

My favorite mediums are Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic. I will never give up any opportunity to learn and experience the joys of creating beautiful things. I am so lucky to have studied with so many knowledgeable instructors.

I realized I had a skill when I started winning awards in school. But time and priorities get in the way of some of our favorite things and art seemed to then take a back seat to education and living life in general.

My children are adults with teenagers. But it seems that my love of beautiful things and gardens has spilled over into their worlds as well. My Daughter has gone through my house picking out pictures she wants for her home. Gratefully, my husband enthusiastically supports my love of the arts and of gardens. He is assisting me with our 'Cottage Garden' project.

Aside from art, what other kinds of things do you enjoy doing?

I grew up as a 'Country Girl' running barefoot with the wind in my hair, talking to my pet chickens, cats and dog. Gardening and preserving food with my family. So it was a natural to be in 4-H, baking and mostly sewing.

I did continue an artistic life by sewing and designing new things for my wardrobe, which I did during my young adult and parenting phase. I created and designed not only my things but also suits for my husband and children. This way with color and design is a very rewarding passion. I did stay interested in creating beauty wherever I could. Studying successful landscaping, gardening, and horticulture was another area; the result involves color, design and learning the architecture of nature.

Who are some of your favorite artists you go to for inspiration (past or living)?

There are so many artists I admire. I am not really fickle; but the next person's work that I am drawn to is my next favorite. I am a fan of YouTube and watching other artists’ process and love to hear them talk through the creation of their art. Right now I’m liking Bill Inman and Rita Spalding.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Seeing the beauty of Tahiti and Moorea, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway #1 for 2400 miles and exploring the parks in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico I would do again in a skinny minute. I love all the different areas of our country and can stay perfectly happy just continuing traipsing around, taking pictures and painting what I've seen.

Do you have any favorite places in Hamilton County?

I’m enjoying our driving trips through Hamilton County. Cool Creek Park and the rural areas are favorites. Finding out of the way restaurants and wineries are a pleasure.

Do you have any secret talents you’d like to share? Or maybe an interesting fact about you that not many people know about?

I love to cook, using many spices and tweaking recipes. And I love to entertain in a big way. Certainly, don’t hesitate cooking for big groups.

Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it?

Well, there is one, but it isn’t proper to say in this venue, but is from the movie, Adventures in Babysitting.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments (art or life)?

Surviving the challenges that the world throws at you and looking on the bright side of life.

Do you have any favorite pieces of artwork of your own?

Just like favorite artists, my favorite picture is the latest one I’ve painted and completed.

Is there anything else you’d like to share that we haven’t asked about?

I am enormously proud of HCAA. Proud of being a member. Proud of the genuine way members treat one another. Proud of the feeling we want to help and work together to further art education and fellowship.

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