Otis Harville

An award-winning photographer with a passion for creating fine art imagery. He’s also an Indiana Artisan Juried Member, Canson Infinity Fine Art Papers Brand Ambassador, Subaru Brand Ambassador and was twice featured in Parks and Travel Magazine.


He considers digital photography to be an art form with three parts: Photography, Creative Imagination and Archival Printing. A digital fine art photograph is an image that is both artistically inspired and technically excellent. One without the other isn't enough. Technique without art is flat and uninviting, while art without good technique prevents the viewer from truly enjoying and appreciating the work.


 A work of art is primarily the product of a person, not a machine. According to Otis, the goal is not to document the world we all have access to, but rather create images intended to be seen as a representation of his creativity, artistic intent, vision and desire to create a unique world. He accomplishes this by transforming light into fine art photographic museum quality prints that go beyond simple reality. His approach to every scene has the same goals: utilize colors, tones, contrast, and a calibrated workflow to convey his emotions.

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