Michael Jack

Michael’s interest in photography is centered on landscapes, architecture and automobiles. In each area he tries to capture the ordinary in a distinctive manner to draw the viewer into the scene. The uniqueness could be the result of weather, lighting or time of day or it could be a view or perspective that adds a different dimension and feel to a particular scene. Michael uses varied amounts of post processing to enhance the purpose of the image, but aims to keep the final result looking pleasing, but realistic.  Michael’s objective for landscape is to place the viewer into a position where they would enjoy standing, feeling and observing - appreciating being in that spot at that time and in those conditions. His objective for architecture and automobiles is different. Both are created by a combination of design and engineering. His goal is to capture the element or elements that make the executed design unique as intended by the designers and engineers. In some cases the objectives for landscapes and architecture/automobiles are combined such as, for example, when place and lighting combine to enhance a view of an architectural structure. 

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