Marie Williams

I have always had an innate desire to create art. As a young child I dabbled in drawing, however, I was too timid to work with paint. Therefore, I continued to work with graphite as my sole medium. Although drawing was an instinctive joy for me, I took time away from sketching to raise a family for twenty-five years. Subsequently, I enrolled in college to further my artistic skills. I am delighted to say that one of my most enjoyable courses was oil painting. While drawing with graphite was a passion for me, I was enthralled with the unique differences oil painting had to offer. In addition to my degree in Fine Arts, I have been developing my skills with a self-tutelage method. I am fascinated with all genres of art; however, my one true passion is portraits.

I am a contemporary realist painter whose chosen medium is oil. As an avid traveler and lover of nature, I produce art that depicts the scenic landscape of the places I have visited. In addition, my love for animals has sparked me to paint a variety of animals, with the majority of them being pet portraits. I enjoy painting images I have seen and enhance them by applying a bold combination of colors. Also, as an aficionado of sacred art I have painted many images reminiscent of Early Christian art. By doing so, I hope to revive the forgotten culture for which it was initially created, to inspire a prayerful life.

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