Mansoureh Sameni

I’ve always been interested in learning both science and art. At college, I studied and completed my graduate degree in pharmacology/cancer biology and then started my career as a research scientist. I worked in cancer research close to 30 years, publishing numerous papers as first author or coauthor. The colorful images I captured from live cells during my research were used in textbooks and in cancer research publications.  For me, using 3D imaging techniques to see colorful contents of living cells was much like looking at water color paintings or doing nature photography. Both images of living cells and watercolor paintings, share a number of attributes - colors, shapes, and movement.

As an emerging artist, I have been exploring ways to connect my imaging experience to my paintings and find commonality between them. This led me to pursue numerous art classes and workshops to expand. At the present time, I am serving as a board member at the Palette and Brush Club of Michigan and a juried member of HCAA.

My paintings have been selected for display at several Juried Art Shows at: 1) Birmingham Art Institute in Michigan, 2) Pallet and Brush Club of Michigan, and 3) Indianapolis Art Center.

I have always enjoyed the nature, a place where 0s and 1s go away and analogue returns. My paintings of nature are drawn at places I have visited with family and friends over the years, places I have made memories. It is remarkable to see a natural ecosystem at work and know that you have the ability to capture a slice of it. I also enjoy painting buildings, streets and human gatherings; where you can see reflection of light bounces around, bringing all areas of harmony and shadows into life.

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