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Midwest Juror

Thank you SO much for your willingness to be the juror for our 2nd Annual Midwest Exhibit!! Below you will find a link to download the zipped file with all of the entries, as well as the spreadsheet with all the entries listed in alphabetical order. Please indicate which pieces you are selecting in the first column, with the header "Include?"

We recommend 50-60 pieces for this show. Please keep in mind that larger pieces (with any edge 36" or longer) count for 2 pieces. We are fine with stacking them in, salon-style, but they still need breathing room. Once you have made your selections, please email us the spreadsheet with the accepted entries indicated, at The deadline for this is Wednesday, February 8th. You are welcome to send it sooner if you have completed your selections before then.

We will hang the exhibit on February 25th, and then will look forward to seeing you on February 26th at 1pm, to select pieces for awards. YOU will get to choose the categories for awards. So please keep this in mind as you make your selections. Examples might include, "Best Figurative," "Outstanding Watercolor," "Excellent Use of Color," "Best Still Life," or "Best Work on Paper," Truly, you get to award whatever you are inclined to award. The goal is to honor excellent work done by these talented artists. There will be cash prizes for 1 Best of Show, plus 5-7 Awards of Excellence in the categories you choose, and then you will also be able to give merit awards that will not include cash prizes, but will be nice to honor high quality works. We will let you know how much award money you will have to give as it gets closer to that time. (A lot of that may depend on award sponsors.)

Please also plan to prepare a short, 500 words or less, juror's statement to be included in the Exhibit Program. Please feel free to reach out to the exhibit chairs (Stephanie or Leslie) if you have any questions. Thanks!! We look forward to seeing what you select!!

Below is a link to a folder of all the accepted entries that you have selected. Please look them over and confirm that these are accurate. Thank you! 

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