John Dierdorf

My years at Ball State University School of Architecture included design classes to study how to create buildings, functional interiors, and exterior spaces between and around buildings; how to be a curious observer of your surroundings; how light and shadow impart character; and how these environments will affect people. All provided a great foundation for today's painting projects.

Graduation was followed by many years of professional practice over a wide range of project types and geographic locations. As a part-time endeavor, I began painting with acrylics on larger canvases, often creating hard edge images that were clearly influenced by Robert Indiana's work. I also continued my photography of buildings, architectural details of buildings, flowers, and landscapes. My professional career replaced the creative painting for a number of years until 2009 when the brushes were once again in hand, working to discover my style. The study over time of painters like Monet, Miro, Kandinsky, and Pollock has distinctly influenced my current paintings.

Abstract impressionism has emerged as the preferred style and definition of my work. The use of "loose, spontaneous brushstrokes" to capture the essence of the subject can be seen in most of my current pieces. Spending time in the garden or taking in the scenic landscape from the back porch provides inspiration for new works as my painting style continues to evolve. Acrylic is my preferred medium, using bold colors as well as blended subtle tones to create an interesting expression for subjects that include architectural elements, trees, and flowers.

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