Joanne Roeder

All I can remember while growing up is finding ways to make beautiful things!  As a youngster I spent hours creating my little works of art. I realized I had a skill when I started winning awards in school. But time and priorities get in the way of some of our favorite things and art seemed to then take a back seat to education and living life in general.  I did continue an artistic life by sewing and designing new things for my wardrobe. This I did during my young adult and parenting phase. I created and designed not only my things but also for my husband and children. This way with color and design is a very rewarding passion also. It was ‘just me’ to stay interested in creating beauty wherever I could. Studying successful landscaping, gardening and horticulture was another area; the result involves color, design and learning the architecture of nature.


Now that I have graduated from my 9 to 5 working life; I have been able to return to my basic passion of ‘Fine Art’. I might say that along the way through life I profited from spending time with gifted instructors who shared their skills and talents. I am grateful that my art education has been extensive.  Because of this variety in education, I have had the opportunity to experience many different types of mediums and painting styles. My favorite mediums are Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic. I will never give up any opportunity to learn and experience the joys of creating beautiful things.

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