Welcome to our digital art gallery! While artwork is always experienced best in person, we still wanted to share our work with our loyal patrons, friends, and family in the midst of this global pandemic. For the month of July, the HCAA artists will have their work on display at Fishers City Hall. You may view all of these pieces (and many more) in person during normal business hours! Also, if you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact us for more information on how to do so! 


Please join us at Fishers City Hall for our


Friday, July 10th, 6-9pm

Antonio Menendez, Autumn

Margot Bogue, The Approach

Mark Rouse, Disappearing Railroad

Marie Williams, Hite Cove

Michael Jack, Palouse Trees

Leslie Ober, Perception is Not Reality

MaryJane Keys, David's Hand

Joanne Roeder, Magnolia

Kay Richards, Swirl

Brenda Smith, Oh Happy Day

Tresa Steenberg, Toddle

Sue Payne, Forest Floor

Walt Thacker, Pendleton Pike

Joe Bartz, The Revealing Science of God.

Thea Clarke, Lily Bouquet

Mansoureh Sameni, Boats on the Potomac R

Tresa Steenberg, Tarry

Sue Payne, River Landing

Walt Thacker, Afternoon at Bridgeton

Joanne Roeder, Gishia 2

Leslie Ober, Burano, Italy

Mark Rouse, JohnDeere

Mary Jane Keys, Streetwalker

Leslie Ober, Figures of Speech

Margot Bogue, Nocturne

Antonio Menendez, In the Mountains of Pr

Kay Richards, Pretty Pansies V

Tresa Steenberg, Jaunting

Walt Thacker, What Time Surrenders, Natu

Brenda Smith, Wave After Wave

Joanne Roeder, Easter Lilys

Brenda Smith, Breaking Through

Michael Jack, Pink Adobe

Mark Rouse, Friday Night

Kay Richards, Dawn

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