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HCAA 2023 Exhibits

FEBRUARY - New Members Exhibit

Exhibit of 2022’s newest inducted members-Tish Reed, Jenny Spire, and Chris and Amie Knuckles


MARCH - The Midwest Juried Exhibit


APRIL - Dribble, Dribble, Splash

For our April exhibit, we will be exhibiting work that is inspired by the fluidity of water and its constant state of change. The work could reflect a direct depiction of water in all its forms: ocean, river, stream, ice, vaporous clouds, etc.  It could also be interpreted as the evident process used to create the artwork: the pouring, splattering, and dripping used to create an image. Use your imagination and be prepared to talk about your work and how it relates to the theme!


MAY - Florals

Flowers can be found adorning art through all ages dating back to the ancients, spanning art movements and genres, and generated with all forms of media. Artists have been known to elevate art with flowers to indicate symbolism or metaphor, and others have depicted them for their beauty alone. However you choose to express the floral image, let’s celebrate spring and fill our gallery walls with blooms this May!


JUNE - Student Showcase

The HCAA Youth Members will exhibit their works this month.


JULY - Souvenirs From The Sun

What have you taken with you after time spent in the sun? Is it a memory of the color of the sky as it met the water on your trip to the beach as a child or just last year? Is it the dappled light that plays upon the sidewalk as you walk under the trees in your neighborhood? Is it the sight of your thriving garden, or the rosy sunburned cheeks of your children or grandchildren despite the sunscreen and sun hats? We all live under the same sun, but as you create your work for this, add what is unique to your experience of its rays to your work.


AUGUST - Open Lens

This will be our 8th Annual Juried Photography Competition and Exhibition.


SEPTEMBER - Foundations: Celebrating the BICENTENNIAL

Hamilton County is turning 200! HCAA will honor its birthday with this special exhibit. Capture the essence of our shared home and your relationship to it in your work. There are so many ways to go about this. Below are just a few suggestions.


How deep do your roots go here in Hamilton County? Are you a native with years of nostalgia to draw inspiration from? Do your roots go deep? Are there memories, homesteads, or stomping grounds that you would like to resurrect in your work? Were you recently planted here, having been transferred for work or some other reason? Should you have to move again, what about Hamilton County would be hardest to leave? Have you specifically chosen this area as your home? If so, why? Is there a bit of local history or lore that you have always wanted to explore? Do you want your work to speak about the changes in our towns over the years?


Alongside your piece, we will hang your statement about the work. Include your reason for making the work and/or a story that inspired it.


OCTOBER - Me, Myself, and I

Your most available subject is staring right back at you when you look in the mirror. This show of self portraits is a fit for but not limited to the realist painter. Represent yourself in any genre or style: abstract, surrealist, fantasy, etc. You can be the main character of your piece, or a supporting role, i.e. a figure in a landscape. For the first time, we will extend this opportunity to artists who have led HCAA workshops or demos, and/or have been juried into the Midwest exhibit. It will be a great opportunity to bring more awareness to our organization.


Nov/Dec: Good Things Come in Small Packages-Fine Art and Holiday Market

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