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Starting Methods: Accurate Color Wash

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October 21

Starting Methods: Accurate Color Wash


Stephanie Spay

Stephanie Spay is an award winning Indiana based oil painter with a constant passion for the figure and portrait, an enthusiasm for still life, and a fascination for landscape. She was drawn to art at a very tender age and has been smitten with the relationship ever since. As a teen, she placed in several drawing competitions in her high school. She was awarded a scholarship her first year at John Herron School of Art, Indianapolis. Upon graduation, she taught elementary art for a time and then set out on her own as a self employed artist, taking commissions and producing mural work until the birth of her first child. Painting for pleasure during her first ten years of motherhood, she returned to the art world in 2017. The moments she seeks in paint are intimate, personal, and relatable. She works primarily in oil and draws her inspiration from children, family, and nature. Stephanie is a graduate of John Herron School of Art with a Bachelors degree in art education. She has continued improving her practice as a painter through workshops and/or mentorships with modern master painters like Daniel Gerhartz and Tina Garrett. She draws influence from the intimacy of classical painters and the emotive color and calculated brushwork of the French and American Impressionists. She is a member of the Hoosier Salon, Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Indiana Artists Club, The Hamilton County Artist Association, and the National Portrait Society.

About the Class

The nature of your subject, how you intend to paint it, and how you envision the final piece can call for a variety of different starting methods. In this workshop series, I will share with you what initial stages I have used to achieve the work that I am most proud of. Each date will feature a different method, and all classes will run 8:30am-4:30pm. Take the whole series or choose the dates that are most intriguing to you!

For this part of my Three Part Series, I will be teaching the starting method that I use when beginning a floral painting, Accurate Color Wash.

Open Grisaille: September 16, 2023

Accurate Color Wash: October 21, 2023

Selective Start: November 18, 2023

Supply List

A specific supply list will be emailed to each class.

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