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Linocut Printmaking Inspired by the Eclipse

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April 7

Linocut Printmaking Inspired by the Eclipse


Penelope Dullaghan

Penelope Dullaghan is an accomplished, acclaimed artist/illustrator with a penchant for expressing joy through form and color. She works in children’s publishing, editorial, and advertising, and dabbles extravagantly in any medium she can find - especially printmaking, paint & cut paper. No matter the method, she creates images that are distinguished by simplicity and guided by curiosity.

About the Class

Join us this spring, on April 7th, 1-3pm, as we explore the meditative practice of linocut printmaking, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing natural phenomenon – the total eclipse!

Workshop Highlights:
Inspiration: Throughout the ages, eclipses have evoked a sense of awe and fear, with historical myths attributing celestial beings consuming the sun or moon during these captivating events. While modern science unravels the mysteries, the enchantment and artistic inspiration endure.

Guided Techniques: Join Penny Dullaghan, a seasoned printmaker, as she leads you through the process of linocut printmaking. Follow her expert guidance, step by step, to craft unique prints inspired by the allure of eclipses.

Community of Artists: Immerse yourself in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, connecting with fellow art enthusiasts. Whether you're a skilled printmaker seeking a fun project or a novice eager to explore a new artistic medium, we welcome you to share ideas, techniques, and inspiration!

Secure your spot to celebrate this extraordinary opportunity, blending creativity with the celestial wonders of a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse!

Class age range - teens and adults

Supply List

Supplies will be provided by artist.

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