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Floral Fun

Class Price


Class Dates

July 20-21

Floral Fun


Tish Reed

Tish Reed is an acrylic painter who expresses joy in her work through vibrant color and playful painting techniques. Tish has a design background but drastically changed her painting style 10 years ago from realism to abstract by learning to simply PLAY! Tish is passionate about teaching other artists to play with paint, find joy, loosen up and find their own creative voice in the process.

About the Class

We will spend two studio days (9am-2pm) painting playful layers to build an abstract floral. You will learn how to explore and respond to your natural intuition and allow that to guide your creative choices. Through this process you will learn how to build depth to your work, loosen up and create works in your own unique voice. You will each receive a deck of PLAYING CARDS to help guide your painting process and makes things fun! We will all be working towards painting 2 large floral fields but each person’s canvas will be unique!

Supply List

2- large 24x24 Canvases, • 18x20 mixed media paper • variety of brushes, acrylics (favorite red, Blue and Yellow + Titanium white) • Jug for water • Paper towels/rags • apron/paint shirt

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