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Abstract Color Harmony Painting

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May 25

Abstract Color Harmony Painting


Addie Hirschten

Addie Hirschten is a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author of several books, and host of the Studio Alchemy Podcast. She currently lives and teaches in her art studio, The Studio Alchemy Art Gallery, in downtown Indianapolis. Over the years the style and purpose behind her paintings has changed drastically from abstract expressionist work to impressionism that reveres the sacred beauty of the natural world. Find out more about her creative work at:

About the Class

In this 3-hour workshop, on Saturday, May 25th, 2-5pm, you will learn how to use the color wheel to make beautiful color combinations then create your own unique abstract painting to take home.

Supply List

Canvases (12"x12" or 24x"24")
Acrylic Paint
Water cups
Paper towels
Palette Paper

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