Carolyn Franzone-Wiley

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I have been painting consistently now since October 2019, when I was introduced to Oil and Cold Wax medium.  I enjoy abstracts as I find them a way to express emotions for any given life experience. I have been known to paint a portrait or two from photos, however, they take quite some time to complete.  I prefer to paint to music and let everything flow. I have taught paint nights classes, classes on color theory and how to mix paint. 


I have been a member of the HCAA since January 2020, and have sold pieces, for which I am grateful.  You see, I am a breast cancer survivor and I donate 50% of my proceeds to women with breast cancer. I was recently commissioned for one of my black and white oil pieces.  Some may say I have not found my voice in art since I work with many different mediums and genre’s.   For me, there is so much of life to express to limit myself in one medium or genre.  My soul is free to FLY!

​Art like Dance is an expression of the soul, and as such, subject to scrutiny.  It is that scrutiny that creates the passion, the passion to make one feel.  It matters not the emotion; sad, happy, lonely, exuberant, hopeful, hateful, loving- all part of living. Technical Art, Abstract, Strange scenes, peculiar figures, random objects, loved ones, events and everyday existence offer a plethora of ways to dream and feel, when captured through one's soul onto medium.  And isn't that what we all want to do?  Feel?  What is living without that?

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