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Welcome to our digital art gallery! While artwork is always experienced best in person, we still wanted to share our work with our loyal patrons, friends, and family who are unable to make it in person. The ALL OUR BEST exhibit is the ONLY judged art exhibit for the HCAA artists each year. Award-winning images will be displayed first in the galleries for each category. This exhibit is on display at the Birdie Gallery in Noblesville through the end of July. You may view all of these pieces (and many more) in person any Saturday, June 5 - July 24! Also, if you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact us for more information on how to do so!



Robert Bratton, Grinding Away



1st place: Stephanie Spay, Pewter, Glass, and Squash

2nd place: Ladan Abbaspour, Rising

3rd place: Regina Bunting, Happiness

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Wolfe, Steele's Studio

Honorable Mention: Shannon Macy, Created to Worship

Honorable Mention: Sheldon Shalley, Web of Life

Honorable Mention: Elaine C. Wolfe, Oriental Vase & Tree Peonies 

Honorable Mention: Margot Bogue, Nocturne

Honorable Mention: Lesley Haflich, Stony Creek Reflections


1st place: Robert Bratton, Grinding Away
2nd place: Martha Wagoner, Orange Pots
3rd place: Kay Richards, Along White River
Honorable Mention: Sherry Cartwright, Edith Wolford Iris

Honorable Mention: Sherry Cartwright, Echinacea at MacGregor Park

Honorable Mention: Mansoureh Sameni, Seizing the Moment

Drawing/Mixed Media

1st place: Tresa Steenberg, UnNamed

2nd place: Mark Rouse, A Walk in the Park

3rd place: Janice Wiley, Last January

Honorable Mention: Leslie Ober, King Fisher

Honorable Mention: Leslie Ober, Little Red

Honorable Mention: Mark Rouse, Holding His Hand


1st place: Michael Jack, Palouse Storm

2nd place: Leslie Ober, In This Together

3rd place: Melinda Hamilton, Attitude

Honorable Mention: Melinda Hamilton, Upstream

Honorable Mention: Jeanne Clark, It's All in Your Perspective

3-Dimensional Art

1st place: Sue Payne, Meadow Mobius

2nd place: Cathy Ewald, Bluebirds

3rd place: Sue Payne, Night of the Raptors


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